Friday, November 23, 2007

Detour on the trail

By now, there should be many posts about trails and adventures. Hunting season has come and gone and there are few trail reports to make. I did get a chance to go out for a weekend with some friends. They were the hunters and I tagged along. We went to a campground near Fish Lake outside of Wenatchee, WA. I remembered why I did not like camping at a campground. When the music was still playing at 12 midnight, I called the camp host on my cell phone and he came out with the Sheriff and quieted the place down. Wish I had called sooner.

I saw some beautiful country. We were looking for deer, but the deer did not want to be seen. Attached are a few of the photos from the trip.

The beauty of the mountain range in the Cascades.
Enough tracks for track soup. A little dry.
Someone was watching over us. Mr. Buzzard kept his vigil.
Down this trail have walked countless deer, but none when we were here.
The deer did not keep their appointment with destiny, and it would turn out to be my only trip out this season.