Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goat Lake

Superior day with perfect Northwest weather. Low 70's, dry, cloudy for most of the day and sunbreaks included. 5.2 miles one way along a rather easy trail for most of the distance.

They said the last half "rudely switchbacks" up to the lake. Perhaps it was because during that time one's tongue was hanging out - - I don't know. Jonathan, Annie, Margaret and I made a day trip out of it.
Included some pondering at the lake - - that is leaning back against a tree and taking in all of God's power and grandeur on display before us. Lots of mining in the area 100 years ago, and a small settlement, which is now gone. Huge cedar trees along the way.

Much of God's beauty and creativity on display as we traveled.

Great Quote
The hiker can go without combing his hair or shaving and will be accepted as perfectly normal. He can get dirty and his friends will still speak to him jovially. His clothes may be in tatters, and people will think nothing of it. If there happens to be a little rock dust on his shirt or trousers, or if his clothes are a trifle torn, so much the better. Of such stuff are hiking heroes made. The hiker doesn’t have to have to talk very much, say witty things, hold a glass in his hands, or laugh lightly at banalities. His is a world of opposites, and no one cares or worries about it. —ANN and MYRON SUTTON, The Appalachian Trail: Wilderness on the Doorstep, 1967

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UbbenUnited said...

Regardless of whether we've been there before or not, this was still a great hike. :)