Monday, September 24, 2012

Proclaiming His Excellencies

 Along the trail this week a couple of amazing thoughts.  First, proclaiming His excellencies - from I Peter 2.  We often think that creation declares the excellence of God, and it does.  Certain of His attributes are clearly seen - Romans 1 makes that clear.  His power, majesty, creativity, intelligence, sovereignty, etc. are seen in creation every day.  However, some of His attributes can be seen only through man.  His grace saves a sinner.  His compassion reaches out to a single mom seeking to raise her kids for Christ.  His forgiveness cleans up a person caught in addictions and frees him from his slavery.  God's mercy is shown in allowing someone to go for many years before repenting of sin.  On and on we could go and still not exhaust how we proclaim His excellencies.  The text says that we do so having been moved from darkness to light.  So, as beautiful as a sunset over Puget Sound is, it pales in comparison to a sinner saved by grace, who with lips of praise and a life of testimony fills in the blanks of God's everlasting love.

On the same hike, I did some collecting of minerals - my first such trip.  I did not think I was that successful.  I brought home a number of samples, but thought they were mediocre at best.
I had a lot of calcite crystals and I was told they often covered up other minerals since they formed later in the process.  I used some muriatic acid to remove the calcite so we can see the other crystals underneath it.
In this photo, the epidote crystals are those which are blackish-green and stringy looking.  The calcite crystals which remain are white.  The crystals on the base of this piece are probably garnet crystals- yellow in color.
When I saw the beauty of this piece, I was struck at how beautiful God makes the details.  It is incredible that He would place his glory on display in this way.
Then I did some research on epidote.  One website I discovered said that epidote is an "attracting mineral."  The deeds and emotions you experience will be returned to you by having epidote in your possession.  It is called the "reap what  you sow" mineral.
Wow.  And who do we go to for such an authority?  I am not sure.  The Bible does have a reap what you sow principle.  But, it is not based on the minerals on your shelf.  It is based on obedience to God's Word and His principles for life.
I then realized that this is nothing short of idolatry.
Enjoy the crystal for its beauty and the Creator to whom it points.  Worship Him who made and sustains all that is.  Practice good emotions and choices because it brings glory to God.

See you on the trail. 

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