Monday, August 9, 2010

Rocky Mountain Trail

I DID IT. Hiked to my first mountain elevation of 14,000+ unassisted by pack animals or sherpas. Mount Cameron Colorado.

Lessons learned on the trail:
When it is too tough and the air too thin, take only one step at a time and rest in between - called the rest step. Takes a long time, but it works. I put my nose in the trail and disciplined myself to breath, step and keep going. Than after a few minutes you look up and see where you have gone. What a thrill.

Exertion and high altitude fill the body with adrenalin and it takes a while to come down from that. On the way home from a hike I am usually doing all I can to stay awake and if someone else drives, I am asleep in minutes. This time I was fully awake, no joint pain, talking, involved, active and very surprised. When we returned home, the same feeling kept on. Lasted until about 2:30AM which became quite annoying. My skin felt like it was 100 degrees and very tingly. I took a glass of water and sipped on it for a half hour and then sleep came. I have never felt anything like that before. Not sure I am anxious to repeat it, especially if it takes the same effort as this time.

Walking with God is like hiking the hills - one step at a time and constant effort with Him giving the strength for each step. What a great day of hiking accomplishment - of spiritual development - of personal growth. I accomplished something I never would have thought possible with strength I did not possess. This has helped make my summer a time of spiritual renewal. Praise God.

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Don Johnson said...

Hey, Arlen, congrats on your hike... I don't have your e-mail anymore and wanted to send you a link to an article about hiking. Send me a note and I'll send it along.