Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When one member is suffering

Suffering is painful for those going through it. We do not enjoy the process, yet the process has helpful results. I injured my knee some 6 weeks ago and so now I am going through physical therapy and exercises to get the think working correctly again. The knee is a small part of the body, but so essential. It is amazing how many things one cannot do when the knee is not right. And so, another lesson in the place that each of us has in Christ's body. We cannot get along by ourselves unless we do damage to the body as a whole. And we are in need of other parts of the body to compensate for us when we are hurting.
I am hoping that this knee gets knit together well again soon. I have some mountains to climb again this summer. I am looking forward to getting fit in the spring after being off of my exercise the past few weeks. I am not walking the trails right now, but looking ahead to the time when through patience and perseverance I can walk physical trails because I have learned spiritual lessons alongside the trail.

See you on the trail.

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